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Artist Statement

'I create paintings that contemplate how we negotiate a life in flux. Working in formal oils over abstract acrylic pours, I combine these very different painting processes in order to spark a dialogue between the two: a balance between that which I can control, and that which I cannot.

Nature relies on a dynamic balance between chaos and order. It seems that as humans, although we are part of nature, we also find ourselves at odds with it, because of our desire for control. We have the power to influence the world around us, to tame the wild, to contain what might otherwise overwhelm us. In order to mask the chaotic aspects of life which threaten our sense of stability, we create structures and borders. Yet we will all, repeatedly, face the harsh reminder that our agency is limited. This is because we do not exist in a static universe, but a beautifully complex and dynamic one.

To compose, to craft, is only human. We try to aim for the picture-perfect. Yet the more we attempt to suppress or ignore the aspects of life that interrupt this vision - the imperfect, the unpredictable, the impermanent - the less alive, the less creative, we become. The shock, when the vision is eventually disrupted, is all the greater. I make paintings to inspire myself, and the viewer, to find balance in a fluctuating existence; to soften the edges of our frames, and live at peace with the unknown that lies beyond them.